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Rebels Chat - Shroud of Darkness

Episode Summary

In their recap of "Shroud of Darkness," Johnamarie and Maria discuss Ezra mentally linking with the local wildlife of Oosalon Mesa, Kanan feeling concern about how the Inquisitors keep tracking them down, the visions experienced by Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka, Kanan being knighted, Ezra's choice to keep fighting, and Ahsoka's meaning when she said, "There's still a way."

Episode Notes

Note: Apologies for the sound of my voice. I was recovering from the flu. Because of that, I had to re-record one of my points of conversation, so you'll hear a difference in audio quality around the 55th minute. Also, I added a last-minute question in there because it was a fun one to answer, so there's also a change in audio there.

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